Ohio-Based Pizza Franchise Rolls out Carolina Reaper Cheese

MEDINA, Ohio – (January 18, 2021) – Romeo’s Pizza, the award-winning franchise with 46 operating locations is bringing the heat this winter. Adding to their handcrafted menu is a flavor that will definitely warm things up.

Enter Carolina Reaper Cheese. Made with Monterey Jack Cheese, Jalapeno, Habanero and Carolina Reaper Peppers – this topping is sure to bring the heat! The Carolina Reaper pepper was born in a Rock Hill, SC greenhouse and has been recognized as the hottest pepper on the Scoville Scale.

“Consumer tastes are changing. They want more than just hot or mild and want to pair heat with sweet. With Romeo’s Signature Sweet Sauce – the Carolina Reaper was the perfect addition to meet consumer demand” said Mike Rao – Romeo’s Pizza Chief Strategy Officer.

Romeos, Menu Innovation Team was tasked with finding a cheese that “brings the heat” while at the same time pairing well with our sweet sauce. During our testing phase, Carolina Reaper cheese dominated the competition and fired up the palates of our Menu Innovation Team. Carolina Reaper can be added to any Romeos Pizza as well as other products such as our Cheesy Breadsticks.

“Romeos delivers sweet smiles one slice at a time” and now by adding Reaper cheese, you made need a glass of milk to cool that smile down. Our Menu Innovation Team will continue to develop & launch new tasty creations with Carolina Reaper cheese throughout the year to help celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Look for a few special announcements in the coming months”, said Rao.

Romeo’s Pizza is recognized by Entrepreneur as a Top Food Franchise and by Pizza Today as one of the Top 100 Pizza Companies in the United States. The company plans to launch 60 franchise locations by the end of 2021, with the goal of reaching 250 total locations in the next five years.

For more information about Romeo’s Pizza, visit https://romeospizza.com/.

About Romeo’s Pizza
Founded in 2001 in Medina, Ohio, Romeo’s Pizza is an award-winning, food-first, pizza community. With 46 open locations and counting, the growing international franchise delivers handcrafted excellence through our local pizza champions.

Romeo’s Pizza delivers purpose-driven, handcrafted excellence through our team of local pizza champions. We believe pizza is always the answer. We deliver sweet smiles, one slice at a time. We will positively impact our communities and environment through our Pizza with a Purpose initiative. This initiative supports local, national and worldwide organizations that believe in making a positive impact on people and our planet.

Learn more about Romeo’s Pizza at https://romeospizza.com/.

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David McCafferty
Romeo’s Pizza Franchise, LLC
Chief Brand Officer