How to Order Sheet Pizza for a Crowd

From birthday parties to big meetings, sheet pizzas are always a hit. Figuring out how many sheet pizzas to order can be tough, though. Don’t worry, the Romeo’s team has your back. We break down how to order sheet pizzas, how many slices to plan per person and how to order sheet pizzas online.

What is a Sheet Pizza?
Sheet pizzas are large, rectangle shaped pizzas cut into small square slices. Sheet pizzas are perfect for parties and get-togethers because they are versatile, easy and crowd-pleasing. Have you ever walked into a party and been bummed to see pizza? We doubt it.

Why Sheet Pizza instead of Regular Pizza?
Sheet pizzas offer a different pizza eating experience. Instead of the classic triangle pieces, sheet pizzas are cut into squares, making it super easy to grab a slice and keep the party going. Sheet pizzas are also a great option if you’re serving other types of food. The pieces are small enough that one or two won’t feel like a full meal, but will give you that pizza satisfaction.

Sheet pizzas make hosting easy because:

  • Feed more people
  • Different styles of slices = less waste
    • Love crust? Grab the corner pieces!
    • Hate crust? Grab a middle piece packed with cheesy goodness.
    • Have little ones? The smaller pieces are perfect for little hands!
  • Easy to eat one handed with or without a plate

How Many Slices are in a Sheet Pizza?
Half sheet has 20 slices. Full sheet has 40 slices.

Full Sheet vs. Half Sheet Pizza
Romeo’s half sheet pizza is 14” x 16.5” and cut into 20 pieces. To create our full sheet pizza, we put two halves together. Our full sheets offer more edge pieces!

How Many Toppings Can be on a Sheet Pizza?
We recommend 1-3 toppings on a sheet pizza for the best dough+cheese+topping ratio. You can order any of our specialty pizzas as a sheet pizza, too!

How Many People Does a Sheet Pizza Feed?
When ordering sheet pizza, we recommend planning for each adult to eat 2-3 pieces. If you’re hosting kiddos, plan 1-2 pieces depending on their age. A half sheet pizza feeds 6-8 people. A full sheet pizza feeds 12-16 people.

Order Sheet Pizza Online!
Order sheet pizzas near you online for your next party from Romeo’s! We kindly request 24 hours notice if more than 4 half sheet pizzas or 2 full sheet pizzas are needed. This gives us enough time to make fresh dough for you! We also offer catering-size menu items to go with your sheet pizzas, like salads and 2-liters. Give us a call to learn more about Romeo’s Pizza catering for your next big event.

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