Get Cheesy with Romeo’s Loaded Crust Pizza

If you’re looking for stuffed crust pizza near you, you’ve found the best one at Romeo’s. Our Loaded Crust Pizza, Romeo’s version of stuffed crust pizza, is loaded with gooey mozzarella cheese.

What Makes Romeo’s Loaded Crust Pizza Unique?
The Capone Sauce it’s served with. Capone Sauce is Romeo’s classic dipping sauce. Romeo’s Capone Sauce was a creation of one of our franchisees in Columbus, Ohio. Capone Sauce is a mixture of buffalo sauce, ranch, barbecue sauce, garlic butter and some other secret ingredients. (We can’t share all the secrets!) This unique combination created a tangy, spicy sauce that is an amazing complement to Romeo’s signature sweet pizza sauce.

How is Romeo’s Loaded Crust Pizza Made?
We start with an extra large dough pressed into a large pizza pan. This gives us the extra dough to stuff with cheesy goodness. We stuff gooey mozzarella cheese into the crust, forming the perfect cheese pocket for a yummy cheese pull. Then, we top the pizza with our sweet pizza sauce, Wisconsin cheese blend and your favorite pizza toppings. We love old-world style pepperoni and banana peppers on a Loaded Crust pizza. The old-world style pepperoni has a bit of kick to its crispy pepperoni edges that are the perfect vehicle for a dunk in Capone Sauce.

How is Loaded Crust Pizza Served?
Romeo’s Loaded Crust Pizza is served as a Large Pizza only. It is cut into 10 slices and serves 4-6 people.

Order Stuffed Crust Pizza Online
Order Romeo’s version of stuffed crust pizza online! To order loaded crust pizza, navigate to Romeo’s online ordering site for a Romeo’s Pizza near you. Select “Pizza”, then “Build Your Own”. Select “Loaded” crust. Load your stuffed crust pizza with your favorite pizza toppings. Romeo’s Loaded Crust pizza is available for delivery or carryout at all Romeo’s Pizza locations!