Cheesy Pizza Wedding Ideas

At Romeo’s we know pizza isn’t just a meal, it’s a way of life. Because of this we also know that the only way to celebrate your life-long commitment to your partner is with the other life-long commitment you already made to pizza. Over the years, people have gotten pretty creative with how they invite pizza into their big day, so let’s go through the list and brainstorm together how you can too.

Pre-Wedding Lunch

The pre-wedding lunch is all about survival. As a couple, it’s possible you won’t have much to eat at the reception with everyone trying to get your attention. Don’t forget to eat. Have a pizza delivered… and have one delivered to your partner too. Eating on this day is often forgotten and making sure food is available is as easy as picking up your phone. Cash in some of your pizza rewards! It’s a big day, you’ve earned it.

Pizza as a Reception Meal

Pizza is not often thought of as a traditional reception meal, but that is where we adamantly disagree. Romeo’s has won the award for “Best Gourmet Pizza in North America” so if anyone says it’s not classy enough, show them the credentials. With all of the different specialty pizzas Romeo’s has to offer, your out-of-town relatives are going to start making regular visits (They’ll say it’s to see you, but we know they just missed us).

Pizza Instead of a Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake with your partner is a wedding tradition, but if you have ever used a pizza cutter, you know how much more satisfying it is to roll that through a pizza then pressing a knife through cake. Plus, Romeo’s pizza uses 100% real Wisconsin cheese so who’s to say a pizza can’t be as decadent as a cake?

Pizza as Hors D’Oeuvres for Cocktail Hour

If you’re having a cocktail hour before the reception consider serving pizza as your hors d’oeuvres. Romeo’s has some the best gourmet pizza around, and with so many options, everyone will be able to find something they love. Use one of our winning wine and pizza pairings, and I guarantee people will remember your wedding!

Pizza as a Wedding Favor

They say weddings are one of the best places for singles to connect so don’t let anyone go home without a loved one! Send your guests home with a slice of their favorite pizza! After a night of celebration, booze, and desserts, a slice of pizza sounds incredible so give them something they could really use!

A Post-Wedding Meal

Let us set the scene for you; you just went through one of the most emotional days of your life, marrying the person you love, dancing with friends and family, getting bombarded with hugs, kisses, and fist bumps and most likely didn’t get the chance to eat. Find your local Romeo’s, and plan to have a pizza ordered to your hotel or wherever it is you’re staying. Relax with your new spouse and finally have a bite of something that isn’t cake! It may sound ridiculous, but you will thank us for this tip later!

Remember, at Romeo’s we believe pizza is always the answer… unless of course you’re supposed to say “I do.” All in all, this day is about you so get creative, and have fun inviting pizza to your wedding. Below are some more ideas that didn’t quite make our list.

Ways You Should NOT Incorporate Pizza Into Your Wedding

  • Pizza slices as pocket squares
  • Pizza bouquet (may be messy during the toss?)
  • Spelling out the wedding program with pepperonis on a slice of pizza for each seat… I’m pretty sure all of our chefs would quit so please don’t request this
  • Eating a slice of pizza from both sides until you kiss in the middle like Lady and the Tramp during the ceremony
  • Pizza flavored cake – while this seems like a great compromise to cutting the pizza or the cake, this is not recommended. Instead, use our suggestion of just replacing the cake with pizza altogether.
  • Serving frozen pizzas and not fresh, gourmet-made pizzas
  • A pizza crust ring. While you can bake it into a circle – that’s great – but it will get stale, moldy, and crumble apart in a few days so stick with the tradition of rings.
  • Having your reception at a Romeo’s location: while we would LOVE to celebrate with you, there probably isn’t enough room. However, we can deliver your meal, so you can always enjoy Romeo’s Pizza at your wedding! Or stop by for a quick photo outside of your favorite pizza place