A Love Story Of The Great Ranch And Potato Pizza Part 2

Continued from Part 1

I saw her get taken out of the bowl and laid on top of 100% Wisconsin cheese, ranch bacon sauce, and surrounded by ranch flavored almonds, and Italian sausage. She got placed at the center! You may not understand this, but it goes to show how beautiful she truly was. To be placed at the center of a pizza means you are the first bite of a slice! The first taste of the euphoric experience that is pizza and it is an honor reserved only for the best and most beautiful.

I watched the process as her pizza baked so that the outer crust was perfectly risen and golden brown. The pizza was placed into a box and sliced ever so perfectly. The chef picked it up, and began to walk it out to the table…

This was my shot, and it was my only one. I leaped from the edge of the bowl which I was placed directly onto the knife which had accidentally been laid with the blade straight up. It sliced me perfectly in half and boy did I look good. I was cooked perfectly through, and with my red skin, there was no way she wouldn’t notice me. I rolled off the counter directly onto her pizza pie as it passed by on the way out.

I landed soft into the gooey cheese knowing I would be stuck wherever I hit. I lifted my eyes to scan my surroundings when I realized something… I had done it. I was directly next to her. The onion of my dreams. She looked back at me surprised, but after the moment of shock, she said, “what took you so long” and flashed a big smile.

The customer that ordered the pizza that day was stunned at the unique pizza which he received. He quickly began telling his friends, and the chef at Romeo’s, not knowing what I had done, was completely taken aback as customer after customer began requesting the same series of toppings.

It was a new era of pizza that I had started. Can you believe it? A little red potato like me had changed pizza forever. It became known as The Great Ranch & Potato Pizza, and it was indeed great. It went on to win the award for “The Best Gourmet Pizza in North America” all because of the heroics of one potato. So I urge you now to remember this story the next time someone tries to put down your dreams.