14 Pizza Facts That You Don’t Know That Will Make You Hungry

Pizza is incredible, isn’t it? But just how much do you actually know about it? Today we bring you 14 facts about pizza you probably don’t know. One fact for every inch of our large pizza! You know, just in case you ever find yourself on a game show needing these answers.

1: Who invented Pizza?

The modern pizza which includes dough, tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings was invented in Naples, Italy. The baker often given credit is Raffaele Esposito, however, similar flat breads were common in the city of Naples.

2: What was the first pizza place in the United States?

Lombardi’s opened in 1905 in New York City… and it’s still there today but in a different location, and is using the same oven!

3: What is the most expensive pizza?

For a mere $2,000 you can get a whole pizza from New York City’s Industry Kitchen that is made with flakes of real 24 karat gold and caviar costing $12,000 a kilogram… an easy choice for a casual carryout meal.

4: What’s the largest pizza ever made?

Guinness World Records states that the largest pizza ever baked was 26,883 lbs, and 122 feet, 8 inches in diameter. Still think you can eat a large pizza by yourself in one sitting?

5: What is the most pizza ever eaten by a single person?

Patrick Bertoletti is a competitive eater boasting the most pizza eaten in 10 minutes at 47 slices of 16” pizza. However, that sounds like a normal Friday night for me, plus it helps stack those Romeo’s reward points!

6: Can you cook pizza in Space?

NASA invented a 3D printer that could create a pizza in 70 seconds… Because if we do meet extraterrestrials, pizza is probably the best way to avoid intergalactic war. Plus space pizza sounds awesome.

7: What is the most different types of cheese ever put on a pizza?

In Portland, Oregon, Scott’s Pizza Place put 101 different types of cheese onto a single pie for a world record!

8: How many different types of pizza are there in the world?

This one we are actively researching by eating. Unfortunately, there are so many around the world that we’re not sure if we’ll ever find an accurate answer! Plus, we’re busy creating unique pizzas for our own menu every day!

9: How many pizzas are eaten every year?

5 Billion pizzas are eaten every year on Earth. I specify Earth because apparently there is space pizza, and I don’t know if those were counted.

10: How many Americans actually eat Pizza?

93% of Americans claim to eat pizza at least once a month. 7% of Americans are missing out!

11: What’s the most popular day to order a pizza?

Super Bowl Sunday. Or maybe you would rather watch the Puppy Bowl? Either way, pizza is always the answer.

12: What was the longest pizza delivery?

Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia. I’m assuming Kangaroos love pizza.

13: How did pizza become popular?

Pizza was considered a peasant food until it was cooked for the king and queen of Spain when they visited Italy in the 1800’s. The pizza was made with fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce (the colors of the Italian flag). After this, the pizza became mainstream as a meal.

14: What is the Best Gourmet Pizza in America?

This is some shameless self-promotion, but the award speaks for itself. Romeo’s was awarded Best Gourmet Pizza in America and we’re only looking to improve!

The best way to learn is by doing, so instead of reading more facts about pizza, find a Romeo’s near you and start eating to learn more about why pizza is such an amazing meal!