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From Farm to Pizza

Fresh Ingredients

At Romeo’s we use high-quality ingredients, because it makes food taste better. Our sweet, California tomatoes are harvested at the peak of vine-ripened perfection and fresh-packed from field to can in 10 hours. Our freshly-made dough and hand-cut vegetables also contribute to a delicious pizza. We make everything we serve the way we would make it for our neighbors, family, or friends. Count on us for authentic, fresh, and delicious food… the kind of food you’ll remember.

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Our local shops sponsor little leagues, contribute to events, and work continuously to contribute to the fabric of the communities we serve.

If you’re looking for stuffed crust pizza near you, you’ve found the best one at Romeo’s. Our Loaded Crust Pizza, Romeo’s version of stuffed crust pizza, is loaded with gooey mozzarella cheese.

What Makes Romeo’s Loaded Crust Pizza Unique?
The Capone Sauce it’s served with. Capone Sauce is Romeo’s classic dipping sauce. Romeo’s Capone Sauce was a creation of one of our franchisees in Columbus, Ohio. Capone Sauce is a mixture of buffalo sauce, ranch, barbecue sauce, garlic butter and some other secret ingredients. (We can’t share all the secrets!) This unique combination created a tangy, spicy sauce that is an amazing complement to Romeo’s signature sweet pizza sauce.

How is Romeo’s Loaded Crust Pizza Made?
We start with an extra large dough pressed into a large pizza pan. This gives us the extra dough to stuff with cheesy goodness. We stuff gooey mozzarella cheese into the crust, forming the perfect cheese pocket for a yummy cheese pull. Then, we top the pizza with our sweet pizza sauce, Wisconsin cheese blend and your favorite pizza toppings. We love old-world style pepperoni and banana peppers on a Loaded Crust pizza. The old-world style pepperoni has a bit of kick to its crispy pepperoni edges that are the perfect vehicle for a dunk in Capone Sauce.

How is Loaded Crust Pizza Served?
Romeo’s Loaded Crust Pizza is served as a Large Pizza only. It is cut into 10 slices and serves 4-6 people.

Order Stuffed Crust Pizza Online
Order Romeo’s version of stuffed crust pizza online! To order loaded crust pizza, navigate to Romeo’s online ordering site for a Romeo’s Pizza near you. Select “Pizza”, then “Build Your Own”. Select “Loaded” crust. Load your stuffed crust pizza with your favorite pizza toppings. Romeo’s Loaded Crust pizza is available for delivery or carryout at all Romeo’s Pizza locations!

Arbor Day Foundation

Romeo’s Pizza is a proud sponsor of the Arbor Day Foundation. Taking care of the environment is something that has always been important to us as an organization. In 2019, we committed to taking a slice out of our carbon footprint by replacing 750,000 plastic containers with more sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable containers that turn to soil in less than 90 days. To date, we have replaced over 2 million plastic containers with recyclable options.

Our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation is the perfect way to continue our eco-friendly mission through their Time for Trees initiative. Together with the Arbor Day Foundation, we will plant 5,000 trees. Romeo’s partnership will support tree replanting in Econfina Creek and Chipola River Watersheds located in Bay, Calhoun and Washington Counties in Florida. This area lost thousands of acres of standing timber as the eye of Hurricane Michael crossed the Chipola River in 2018.

Reforestation provides forage for game and promotes native groundcover, such as wildflowers and other plants. Additional benefits occur for native game and aquatic species that call this area home such as deer, turkey, bobwhite quail, fish and amphibians.

As the Time for Trees initiative gains awareness and momentum in not only the corporate sustainability world but also within the general public, the impact so far is impressive. As of January 1, 2020, more than 66 million trees have been planted. These trees are helping communities recover from natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. They are replacing majestic trees lost to wildfires in forests across the country. And they are restoring critical rain forest lands devastated by unsustainable forestry and agriculture practices.

Collectively, when you look at the impact of 66 million trees, it’s hard to wrap your head around. These trees will sequester enough carbon to equal taking more than 4.1 million cars off the road for an entire year. They will intercept and filter enough water to fill the water bottle of every person on Earth every day for nearly four years. And they will provide an estimated $500 million in human health benefits.

While 66 million trees planted is an accomplishment Romeo’s is proud to be a part of, we are just as proud to say that this initiative has inspired more than 3.8 million tree planters so far. These are the people making a difference every day right where they live. They are picking up shovels and ensuring that the impact of the Time for Trees initiative reaches far beyond its 100-million-tree goal. This is where the initiative gains real power, and this is how all of us can find a tangible way to improve the Earth for future generations.

Romeo’s Pizza, the award-winning franchise that offers pizza with a purpose is helping to tackle illiteracy by partnering with the 2nd & 7 Foundation. By working with the 2nd & 7 Foundation, Romeo’s Pizza is focused on living up to two of the company’s core values of positively impacting our communities and delivering sweet smiles one slice at a time.

Across the country, the 2nd & 7 Foundation has donated over half a million books to kids in need since it started in 1999. Their mission is to promote reading by providing free books and positive role models to kids in need, while encouraging young athletes of the community to pay it forward.

Through their partnership, Romeo’s Pizza will become a Reading Program Partner which helps 2nd & 7 write, illustrate, and publish over 90,000 books each year. In addition, they will become the presenting sponsor of the 22nd annual football camp and will provide pizza for all campers and coaches.

On June 21-23 2021, campers will learn football fundamentals from former Buckeyes and local high school football coaches. To ensure a safe and fun environment, the camp will be completely non-contact. Beyond football, coaches will work to instill key attributes such as teamwork, goal-setting, positive attitude and commitment.

“At Romeo’s Pizza our mission is to deliver purpose driven handcrafted excellence through our team of local pizza champions. By partnering with organizations who are making the world a better place like the 2nd & 7 Foundation, we hope to help tackle literacy by creating memorable experiences for kids through pizza and the joy of reading”, said Ryan Rose, CEO of Romeo’s Pizza.

“We have valued our relationship with Romeo’s Pizza for years, as they have supported 2nd & 7 for a very long time. The team at Romeo’s is passionate about our mission and we look forward to partnering in many creative ways to make a difference in communities here in Ohio and across the country,” said Amy Hoying – Executive Director of 2nd & 7.

About 2nd & 7
In 1999, Ohio State football players Luke Fickell, Ryan Miller and Mike Vrabel began 2nd & 7 using funds from their first-annual football camp. The trio, inspired by their involvement with community outreach, read to second-grade classes in seven Columbus-area schools and sent each second-grader home with a free book. This year’s camp marks 22 years of “tackling illiteracy” and will welcome approximately 350 kids. From three Ohio State football players in seven Columbus schools, 2nd & 7 has grown its reach and impact.

Since 1999, 2nd & 7 has distributed over 500,000 free books to second-graders in 180 communities across 26 states.

About Romeo’s Pizza
Founded in 2001 in Medina, Ohio, Romeo’s Pizza is an award-winning, food-first, pizza community. With 46 pizza locations and counting, the growing international franchise delivers handcrafted excellence through our team of local pizza champions.

Romeo’s Pizza delivers purpose-driven, handcrafted excellence through our team of local pizza champions. We believe pizza is always the answer. We deliver sweet smiles, one slice at a time. We will positively impact our communities and environment through our Pizza with a Purpose initiative. This initiative supports local, national and worldwide organizations that believe in making a positive impact on people and our planet.

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David McCafferty
Romeo’s Pizza Franchise, LLC
Chief Brand Officer